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We solve the most complex challenges across Windows and Mac Platforms to deliver out-of-the-box Desktop Applications.

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Why Choose Our Desktop App Development Services?

Desktop Applications are independent of web browsers and quite handy since they are easy to operate and give you full control of your business without external dependability. They offer a lot of benefits to businesses due to their user-friendliness in terms of responsiveness, the ability to work offline and be tailored to any operating system. At CN Techies, we are skilled in handling complex Desktop Application Development (RDA); our developers have a stronghold on the market when it comes to developing Desktop Applications across Windows and macOS with technologies that are reliable and scalable.

Flexibility, superior quality performance, user convenience, security are some of the basic user requirements that are understood and covered by us. We believe in providing our customers with the best tools and services to carve their business into a digital masterpiece; offering support to make it internally and externally stronger. As one of the Best Desktop App Development Company in India; we provide 360-degree services from consultation and architecture to testing and maintenance; we are with you at every step.


Secured with different layers of protection ensuring that the apps are proofed against technical mishaps, security threats and data thefts.


Strategically effective with rich functionality and beautiful user interface keeping in mind future scaling potential.


We develop easy to maintain desktop applications that seamlessly integrate with your software.


We adopt proven methodologies and stay ahead of emerging technologies to ensure we set benchmarks with every new development.


We provide solutions from the ground up to creating custom middleware and even modernizing legacy solutions.

Our Desktop App Development Offerings

As one of the top Desktop App Development Companies, our team is skilled at offering superior performance custom Windows App Development and Mac OS Desktop App Development.

Universal Windows Platform App Development (UWP)

If you are looking for a more tablet-style application that runs specifically on Windows 10 Devices; UWP Apps is a go-to. Our team is fine-tuned with the latest desktop application technology, i.e., Universal Windows Platform Development using languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++.

Windows Presentation Foundation App Development (WPF)

WPF is suitable for bigger desktop applications as it has a variety of templates, designs, styling capabilities, which are beneficial for those used on a large-sized desktop as opposed to a tablet. We've mastered developing WPF Apps on the .NET framework.

macOS Desktop App Development

Leveraging its excellent graphical user interface; we’re proficient in building desktop apps for the OS by Apple and provide a better and consistent system and hardware integration to create applications that are more polished and operative.

Our Domain Expertise

  • API Development and Integration

  • Desktop Application Maintenance

  • Automated Testing and QA

  • Desktop Software Management

  • Desktop to Software Migration

  • Desktop and Web Application Integration

  • Desktop Application Design

Technology Focus

Technologies we rely on to deliver credible Desktop App Development Solutions.