Road2 is a web portal where students from all over the world can display their achievements and maintain a solid track of their portfolio as they progress through different stages of school.


California, USA.





Our Client had an innovative idea, they wanted to collate all the information related to the projects created by kids during their school period. Same would help kids create their portfolio.They wanted to be market ready for launch during Spring break. Ease of use, content size and data security was a challenge for this project.Our client approached us with an idea. They wanted to create a platform where school kids could store all their projects and accomplishments in one place; creating one consolidated portfolio. Further, they wished to launch it during Spring Break.


All the content uploaded on the website had to be censored according to children's standards and demanded strict parental control measures. Since the portal catered to children ranging from preschoolers to high school kids; the immediate requirement was to make it user-friendly and straightforward; yet attractive. The website had to be optimized to handle a great deal of content, i.e., images and videos, to function effortlessly without any interruptions.

  • Usability, because kids use this web site.
  • Security, content needs to be only for kids.
  • Manage the traffic, because lots of content, which consist of images and videos needs to be uploaded and displayed without interruption.

We conducted a walkthrough session with kids to get into their psyche and understand their perspective. Based on this, we wireframed the flow and proceeded with the UI/UX, which had to be appealing. Subsequently, we focused on usability so that the website was easy to use for kids and that all the tasks could be performed in a few simple steps. Soon afterward, we provided a framework so that a large amount of content could quickly load on the site making sure that user experience was not affected. We optimized the website performance so that sers could easily browse the content on the website. This was accomplished by adding web page lazy loading (load on scroll). Optimized the images by adding different sized thumbnails along with sorting and filter options for better results. further added administrative rules to monitor the content thereby ascertaining that only filtered content was uploaded live while also including an option to report abusive content.

  • Web Development
Technology Stack
  • MVC
  • .NET
  • SQL Server
  • jQuery
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Gaining popularity with schools

Many schools worldwide have increasingly started registering on the Road2 website to manage their student's content.

Not restricted geographically

The project is not limited to India and is being used across several countries globally, i.e., India, UK, U.S and Europe among others.

10,000 Public/Private projects

The portal is extremely kid-friendly and has achieved 10,000 Public/Private project uploads and counting.

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