HUTAKU - CashJet is one of the leading Information Technology Service and Solution Providers in India with a highly experienced team dedicated to solving complex and critical business problems; renowned for selling licenced software products. The business concept involved rewarding the customer with points for purchases they can later redeem as money.


Mumbai, India.


Ecommerce Marketing and Advertising



Mr Saroj and Mr Mandar, partners from Hutaku Digital Studio, approached us to create an application for their e-commerce site. They wanted to develop a mobile app where the transactions were secure and smooth. Further, they wished to create a database for a point system where customers can view their transaction history and points. Lastly, since it's not very convenient to open other means of communication by switching applications, there was a need to develop an in-app chatting functionality. We had to work on a shoestring budget to get the first release live.


With all the integrated features in the application, i.e., safe getaways, in-app chatting feature (which was complimentary), bank nominee, KYC and MPIN, the real challenge was time. Starting the development of the chat functionality from scratch can be time-consuming. There were white label chat facilities available with a license, but they were expensive and also branded, using which would most likely confuse customers.

CashJet Work Flow

We developed the mobile application focusing on convenience to the end-user as well as ensuring payment security. Subsequently, we created an option for multiple logins, where one could instantly switch from one account to the other and added the MPIN feature for additional security. We made it possible for consumers to redeem points to for any product by just scanning the QR code. We further enhanced ‘recommend the app feature’ easy by scanning the QR code and getting the benefits. Outsourcing the chat facility as well as creating one from scratch, was not an option. Therefore, in order to save time, we used the source code provided by the Chat SDK, modified it according to the client requirement and turned it into a chat module with features of a popular chat medium replicated to a great extent.

  • Android Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX
Technology Stack
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Firebase
  • Authentication
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Crashlytics
  • Remote Configuration
  • RazorPay as payment gate and wallet handling
CashJet Overview


On-time Delivery

The mobile app turned out to be flawless and was released in due time.

Consumer Satisfaction

The point system increased the popularity of the application and earned it 10,000+ Installs.

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