Renowned for providing proprietary loyalty and engagement programs for customers; Blue Ocktopus, is loyalty technology company was founded In 2016. Adept at customer programs management, Blue Ocktopus engages with SME retailers and businesses.


Mumbai, India.





They had an existing application, but it looked less than satisfactory. They were using a basic excel to manage their loyalty programs; this made providing relevant data to the customers cumbersome and further hindered growth. Manual Reports were being sent to businesses on a daily basis which wasn’t real-time, prone to human error, could be delayed and difficult to maintain. The existing application was not responsive, extremely slow and was negatively affecting their online reputation by garnering negative reviews. They, therefore, wanted to create a web application that was responsive, attractive and allowed users to access relevant data easily.


The application would require communicating to two different entities, i.e., the SME retailers/businesses as well as their customers.

Blue Ocktopus Work Flow

Our proposed solution consisted of streamlining their operations for easy management that would assist them with quick decision making. The suggested client-centric application would make available various reports like ledger reports, heat maps, audit reports that can be accessed real-time on the web app. We revamped the app architecture and used technologies such as Angular 8 while implementing animations to make the platform more engaging and attractive. This was followed by design and development; ensuring responsiveness across browsers and mobile devices. Subsequently, we moved to improve the page load time immensely and implemented analytics for members. Lastly, we provided advertisement management to the advertisement management engine so the Blue Ocktopus can generate a revenue from the search engine itself.

  • Web Development
Technology Stack
  • C#
  • Asp.Net WebAPI
  • Angular
  • HTML5/ CSS3/ Bootstrap
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server


1000+ clients have registered with us do far

1 lakh + members satisfied with the experience (and took benefit of loyalty points)

Responsive across browsers and mobile with page load time reduced to 2seconds

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